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Jun 9, 2018

We start with a heartfelt tribute to a great human, the irreplaceable Mr. Bourdain, which leads into a discussion about talking politics at the office. Moving in more dangerous and comedic territory Ray gets into the dangers of using Mexican beach stones in a fireplace. He digresses to a moment of sadness about the new laptop that has become utterly useless due to a dead battery. A clearly beverage addled listener calls in to ask about what kind of 'mud I can throw at my house'. This leads to a far ranging discussion on a number of important topics, which is interrupted by a surprise call from Mr. Eric Stromer and more hilarity ensues. Finally we get into another listener question about a sticky sliding door, which somehow segues into a exploration of OCD and depression. We feebly try to pick out the energy to close it out. Bill Pullman will be on next week!