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May 26, 2018

Ray is back on board for a longer show filled with lots of good construction and home improvement advice. We meander for a bit in the swamp of punk rock reminiscing and get right into discussing Ray and Chris' studio building project. Getting down to business we answer several listener questions, including ones on brick pointing, building on sand, and dealing with a sticky water main shutoff. Colin then shares some info about his upcoming solar pool heating project. Next we tackle the issue of reflective roof paint, cracked driveway repair, and weathered deck refinishing. Scott from Philly calls into ask about methods for installing a shower pan and a lively debate ensues. For some reason Chris wants to talk about his favorite reality show once again and we do our best to shut him down. This leads into discussing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and microdosing hallucinogens. Finally we get back to business and examine ways to save money on project planning.