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Mar 31, 2018

The guys answer some home improvement questions including how to smuggle appliances.

Mar 24, 2018

Ray opens the show announcing he bought a new computer, and since he's on a tech hot streak pitches an app to Chris and Colin. Then the guys take listener voicemails which include questions about lake houses, insulation, and rodents. Finally, a listener has some constructive criticism for Ray.

Mar 17, 2018

Ray, Chris & Colin are joined by Colin’s wife Hillary and hear a little bit about her commercial construction background. Before hopping into home improvement questions, Ray does an awkward dive into everyone’s family dynamics, Chris & Hillary give some insight on their current project & the joys of...

Mar 10, 2018

Colin starts out with a gruesome wrestling story. Then we get right into listener questions with one about putting a bathroom in a basement and the plumbing challenges that follow. Ray diverges into some jail talk but changes gears before getting to deep. Then we take a listener request for Chris to tell an embarrassing...

Mar 3, 2018

Ray is still unpacking after his move and the OCD is making it hard. Ray thinks he could swallow a Tide Pod. We discuss removing a shower faucet, unsafe handling of power tools, Chris bricks up Ray's outflow port, brain damage, and how to fix a wonky door and insulate a crawl space.